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My name is Lawrence Palmer and I founded Gauge Fitness with the mission of creating a supportive community while fostering good health through nutrition and exercise. I am currently a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and a former co-owner of a local CrossFit gym where I trained clients for over 2 years. I also have 3 years of experience as an outdoor group fitness instructor.

Before I continue allow me to share how this all began. In 2009 I drew a line in the sand and I decided to get healthy and fit again. After years of neglect, my body and self esteem became unrecognizable to me. I joined a fitness class and found a routine that corresponded with my weight and health goals. Within a period of 4 to 6 months, I lost about 25 lbs and saw some definition and cardiovascular endurance. I liked the way I began to look and how my clothes began to fit, but more importantly the confidence I regained. Working out and proper nutrition quickly became my new found lifestyle. Not only did I attain the physique I desired, but with conviction I made this my life's passion to help others through our fitness classes and meal planning to achieve their fitness goals. If I can do it, so can you!

However you gauge, allow me to help you draw a line in the sand, as well.


Natalie Clark

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My name is Natalie Clark and my love for teaching began with my first job as a ballet, jazz and tap teacher to students ages 3-13. I began teaching dance in high school and continued to do so for 10 years. I then became a Certified Youth Fitness Trainer in 2006 when I began personal and group training for overweight and obese children at Sweatz Youth Fitness Center (now closed).

I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease in 2009. It was the first time in my life that I was unable to workout, dance or teach. It was a very difficult time for me. So many of my bodily systems were malfunctioning. I felt sick. I looked sick. There was so much that I couldn't do because I was too tired or weak. I went from being able to run a half marathon to not being able to walk up a flight of stairs. It was scary and depressing. I had to cut so many things out of my life that made me happy. It was a 3 year battle with Grave's Disease but once I finally overcame the illness, I became truly passionate about working out, yoga, hiking and long distance running. I wanted to feel, look and be strong, healthy, and dynamic.

I am now the Facility Manager for Harbor Grace Hospice, located in the Old 4th Ward, where I have worked for 7 years. I am grateful to Lawrence for the opportunity to begin teaching again. I believe that fitness should be fun, creative, affordable, enjoyable and available to all. I am dedicated to encouraging, supporting and challenging my boot camp students. I especially want to promote the idea that women can be and are meant to be strong, not just to be sexy, but to be capable, confident, tenacious, vigorous and vivacious.

The great thing about Gauge Fitness is that we aren't just a boot camp, we're a community. I'm eager for us to grow, expand and prosper with the support of and for the benefit of our participants. I'm excited for the future of Gauge Fitness and I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

Kari Smith

Kari Smith

Hello, my name is Kari Smith and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the Gauge Fitness Family. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Gauge Fitness via The Amli Resident Program that Gauge has set up. I started coming to class every week and instantly fell in love with the workouts and the camaraderie that Lawrence and the Gauge family has. Feeling blessed that I now have the luxury of spreading my love of fitness on to others.

Let me tell you a little bit about my fitness journey and how I’ve become a trainer here at Gauge. After many years of some not so healthy lifestyle choices, I decided I needed to make some changes in the way I viewed my body and how I could make my body healthier on the inside and out. I read once that being healthy isn’t just about being fit or losing weight, it’s a way of life that will help every aspect of your body, mind, and soul and I wanted that. So 13 years ago, I took a leap and started to incorporate exercise and healthy eating habits into my life and from then on out, have continue to maintain that same way of life. From these changes, I’ve lost approx. 45lbs, gained a better understanding of how my body works, and what I need to do keep it pumping. Through my own struggles, I’ve come to understand that every person’s body is different and not every single exercise or diet program is going to work for one person. This realization is the main reason I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a personal trainer and working with Gauge. I’ve feel like I’ve been in the shoes of all the fitness levels out there and want to support and encourage growth that I know everyone has deep inside of them.

I look forward to sharing my love of fitness, training, and the Gauge Fitness family way of life with all of you. A little sweat never hurt anyone, right?