My goal is to incorporate…

The Mission

Yoga Practice

My name is Onyx Simpson and I am more than excited to be apart of Gauge Fitness. My goal is to incorporate relaxation, awareness of body, and motivation/interaction during class and outside of class in everyday life.

My mission is to help encourage self awareness while also including engagement with local communities outside of class. A huge part of my practice focuses on making sure that individuals go on a never ending journey of finding oneself, pushing oneself to the edge and expressing love towards oneself.

How it all started

My background includes primary volleyball and track and field. Since high school, I’ve been involved with yoga, including hot yoga. After leaving college at Concordia University-Irvine,  I dove into meditation and yoga. My classes usually include a mix of both.

After days on set w/ Pack of Laughs or at Pie Pixel Studios, I enjoy meeting up at the Bakery on Sundays to enjoy a nice yoga class and brunch! 🙂 I’m glad I get to practice yoga with the Gauge Fitness family.

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