Boot Camp Member Lily post-race pic

How Boot Camp Helped Lily Complete Her First 10K

First 10K Ever

Just three months ago, Gauge Fitness member Lily Leiva ran her first 10K. She signed up for the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside 10K a week before the December 2nd race day. “I did not prepare for the race at all,” Leiva says. “I ran alone with an awesome playlist I made the night before.” Thinking she would walk and run her way through the race, something changed when she was out there doing it. “To my complete surprise, I found that I could keep running and felt great the entire way. I only stopped and walked for a minute to drink water, then kept going,” she says.  So how did she manage to keep the momentum while out there? “As it turns out, all the challenging workouts and short runs with Gauge Fitness Boot Camp, even if only a couple of times a week, built enough strength and endurance to run a 10K,” Leiva says. “I could barely run one time around the pond at Old Fourth Ward Park and do a push-up when I first started. And since then, I have run a 5K and a 10K. I’m not breaking any speed records, but I am stronger and in better shape than before.”

Gauge Fitness Boot Camp

Leiva joined Boot Camp last summer to kick-start her fitness. “I wasn’t feeling well and I was really out of shape. I put off getting back into an exercise routine because I dreaded starting. It was hard. I could barely walk the first week after trying Gauge—I was so sore. But I enjoy it and I feel so much healthier now,” says the self-proclaimed healthy eater.

With a busy life, husband and two kids, Leiva manages to squeeze in two workouts a week with Gauge Fitness Boot Camp depending on her schedule. And with spring around the corner, she plans to continue to make time for her fitness goals. “I will sign up for more races this year,” she says. But the BeltLine Eastside 10K will always be a race to remember. “I had never run a 10K before. It was pretty awesome on the BeltLine and it was a lot of fun.”

One Step At A Time

Her advice to those wanting to run their first 10K is simple. “Cross-training with different types of exercises, not just running, worked miracles for me.” And for those who have been inconsistent with their workouts? “Keep showing up to class and staying active,” she says. Leiva’s method doesn’t produce an overnight miracle. You have to stay the course and be consistent. As she puts it, “Take one step at a time.”