Such An Amazing 2 Years

What an amazing two-year anniversary party!  Thank you to everyone who attended the poolside celebration. You could have been anywhere else on a toasty Saturday afternoon but instead, you chose to hang out with your fitness family. From members and friends to the folks who stop by once a week through the Atlanta Beltline Health and Fitness Program, each of you have made Gauge Fitness what it is today. The bond we have built in the community speaks for itself and it reminds me why I started Gauge Fitness two years ago. It’s been great watching everything from the teamwork that’s displayed each night to the discipline that’s seen when members meet their goals.

This wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing instructors, Natalie, Kari and Rachel. Your energy, creativity and own weight loss journeys serve as an inspiration to us all. Thank you for pushing the members to be their absolute best and for doing it all with a smile. Helping people work on their physical bodies is one thing but you also help people develop a stronger mental attitude and that’s a game changer. You have set the bar high and you continually encourage boot campers to reach it. I wouldn’t want to have anyone else on my team than you all. THANK YOU!

Parents always talk about the “terrible twos” but this “age” has been terrific for Gauge Fitness. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you all. If you want to set new goals or do some fine tuning with your routine, let Gauge Fitness help you get there. Here’s to another GREAT year with YOU!