Try Something Different To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just resort to over-indulging in big boxes of chocolate and fattening five-course meals. Instead, do something different to celebrate your love. Try a healthier approach to sharing sweet nothings with your significant other. Here are four tips to help you plan a fabulous date with your main squeeze.

Everything In Moderation
Yes, you can still give your sweetie some chocolates but the keyword here is some—and not an entire box! You’ll realize that you will probably fill up after two or three pieces so no need to go overboard. You’ll also realize if you’re using the FitnessPal app that each piece of chocolate is about 100 calories or more. This is the same for when you’re ordering that raspberry cheesecake. Instead of getting one for each of you, why not just order one and split it?  And if you really don’t want to overdo the sweets, sharing a cocktail works or just order a vodka and lime for fewer caloric intake.  After all sharing is caring.

Workout Together
There is no need to stay in bed and skip working out on the 14th. It would be good if you both tried a new workout class that day. Hit the outdoors with a boot camp class or even standup paddle boarding as a couple. It’s fun to workout together, try new exercises and help each other achieve fitness goals. Now when you get back home from this activity, you can do another activity that is sure to burn calories as well. Hint, hint.

Cook At Home
When you prepare your meals at home, you have control over the portion size and so much more. So set the mood by decorating your dining room with candles and rose petals and then make your mate a tasty dinner. Try healthy recipes from websites such as,,20678467,00.html or There is no need to pack on the calories at a restaurant when you can fill the evening with more romance and less calories at home.

Treat Your Special Someone To A Gift Of Health
Instead of purchasing a gift card to your honey’s favorite cupcake store, why not give them a gift card for a workout session?  You can help them meet their fitness goals and meet new people—once they are signed up for personal training or a group session.

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