7 06 2017

How to Stay Focused When You’re Trying to Lose Weight

It should be no secret that signing up for a gym does not directly translate into a successful weight loss program. Losing weight requires some significant lifestyle changes, and to
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26 04 2017

The Best Fitness Tracker

The Best Fitness Tracker
Are you considering getting a fitness tracker, but clueless on which one to choose?  Well, here’s a comprehensive review by Reviews.com of the best fitness tracker on the market.  Remember,
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10 04 2017

If You Don’t Have Your Health

Sometimes, we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget the importance of taking care of our bodies. We’ll be so busy with work responsibilities, running errands,
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7 02 2017

Try Something Different To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, don’t just resort to over-indulging in big boxes of chocolate and fattening five-course meals. Instead, do something different to celebrate your love. Try a healthier approach to
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16 01 2017

My 3 C’s To Meeting Your Fitness Goals

I’ve learned over the years of being a fitness instructor that there are 3 main components in achieving your fitness goals.  These components are Consistency, Calories and Community. Consistency Consistency is the
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